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Frequently Asked Questions
How does UserSurge work?
When our script is embedded on your website, we render elements on the page like pop-ups, banners, and forms. Just embed our script to get started so we can work our magic.

Does UserSurge slow down my website?
UserSurge uses asyncronous JavaScript to load content in the background. We render your lead generation campaigns after your own content has finished loading.

What platforms are supported?
UserSurge works on all websites. Our script is universal and works across Wordpress, Shopify, and any other platform you can think off. Built your own website? That's cool too.

How accurate is the data in my dashboard?
The data show in the dashboard is collected in real-time with no delays. Everything you see is the real deal.

My website isn't collecting any data?
This most likely means our script is not live on your website yet. Send us an email or give us a call and we can help with your integration.

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